A Message from Our Branch President

Dear IW&FS Napa & Sonoma Branch Members. 

I am pleased to write to you with an update of efforts your Board of Directors are making to begin to operate as a responsible IW&FS Branch. Unlike many other branches, we have wineries in our two counties as well as restaurants and other venues which require us to adhere to local and county government restrictions. You may review the latest status of wineries hosting gatherings in Napa and Sonoma Counties by going to the following sites.



We had originally planned to have lunch event in June at Buena Vista Winery in Sonoma but the restrictions so far seem to indicate that this likely cannot happen before August.

A late afternoon celebration in conjunction with the Mexican American Vintners Association honoring longtime Vineyard Management Icon Sal Renteria may be scheduled in September and we are currently looking for an appropriate venue for our October Members’ Dinner.

Another option we are considering is a virtual tasting event. You will see in the new issue of the Grapevine that other branches have done this and the experience is getting positive reviews. We also have contacts through our members and our board with local wineries and food purveyors who can partner with us to have wine and food delivered for enjoying during a simulcast on Zoom or another platform and which could be a fun and interesting way of hosting an event. This is an example of a virtual event that member Tony Harris forwarded to us:  https://iwfsnapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Invite-Rare-Petrossian-Salmon-.pdf.

It may be that a restaurant event with a sufficiently large amount of outdoor seating may be one answer to this dilemma. We are researching that option.

Pursuit of these alternatives is ongoing and we hope to firm up these and other plans in the coming weeks as we see how the Counties continue to open up for business.

In the meantime, stay healthy and safe and we will be in touch soon with more news.

Jerry Robertson