We are the Napa Valley Branch of the International Wine & Food Society. IW&FS is the world’s oldest and most renowned gastronomic society. The Society’s mission is the promotion of a broad knowledge and understanding of both wine and food, the enhancement of their appreciation, and the nurturing of camaraderie among those who share the pleasures of the table.

IW&FS was founded in London, England, in 1933, by distinguished French gastronome and writer, Andre L. Simon. Multiple branches were established in the United States beginning in 1934. IW&FS is governed by a Council of Management aided by three Area Committees, Europe/Africa, the Americas and Asia/Pacific. There are now almost 200 branches in different countries around the world with over 12,000 members. Click here to view the IW&FS website.

Our local branch has been holding exclusive events for our members for 30 years. We are a very convivial group from many walks of life, our common bond being an interest and delight in food and wine. Our events range from the very informal to the formal and include lunches, wine tastings and dinners. We strive to offer our members the opportunity to enjoy unique, exciting and different food and wine experiences. We welcome new members who would enjoy sharing in these pleasures.

Reviews of our wine tastings, food pairings, seminars, wineries and restaurant events are published in the quarterly IW&FS newsletter that goes to members worldwide.

The Napa Valley Branch has become an invaluable resource for visiting national and international IW&FS members who seek advice in choosing restaurants, wine tours, tastings or accommodations in our world-class wine growing region.

If you are interested and would like further information about us contact our Membership VP at membership@iwfsnapa.org

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