Palmaz At Home Experience

We are pleased to report that we had a wonderful virtual tour and tasting put on by Palmaz Winery and hosted primarily by Christian Palmaz.  The tasting, scheduled for one and a half hours, went for nearly two hours with nearly everyone participating in asking questions, listening to Christian explain the design of the winery, vineyard development, and FELIX, the machine learning AI algorithm – first of its kind, which through data analysis and control, manages the fermentation and other winemaking activities with precise and sophisticated methods.

The group tasted the 2018 Louise Reisling, 2017Amalia Chardonnay, the 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Brasas Cabernet.  The Brasas Cabernet was inspired by the Malbec wines Argentines love and the Palmaz family has crafted that wine to accompany such events as the entire steer roast performed annually for their wine club members who have joined the ranch selection for their Sierra Wagyu Ranch.

Some members ordered the tasting basket of food specified by Palmaz’s Event Coordinator Teresa Lutwak.  Others such as Deborah, guests Jim and Carrie Urda and myself, ordered a Salumi selection from Oenotri which contained a nearly identical array of charcouterie.  We were able to find the Ewephoria cheese from the cheese merchant in the Oxbow Market. 

The wines, simply put, were excellent.  The Reisling was bright and pleasant with good floral notes, a finish of good character and wonderful with the foods.  Likewise, the flagship white, made to Amalia Palmaz’s specification is that French style she relishes and was bold, flavorful and elegant at the same time.  Palmaz has achieved a lot with its 2016 Cab Sauv, Tina Mitchell who established her winemaking skills at the original William Hill Winery has continued to excel and is ready now to pass the leadership to one of her sons who has been at Palmaz since the age of 18.

Our branch has had a great relationship with the Palmaz family going back many years, and the family clearly acknowledge that with their commitment of time, favorable pricing and dedication to answering any and all questions, and expressing their commitment to our branch as well.